I agree with an article published by the International Door Association: Do what’s right or don’t do it at all. That expresses my business philosophy.

I belong to the International Door Association with good reason. It means I take a lot of pride in my business. You can find me listed in big black print, and I encourage you to ask your friends about me. I have installed enough doors that someone not too far away has heard of me. I treat my customers the way I want to be treated, with respect and a fair price. Most people spend a lot of money for a front door, but when it comes to the garage and opener, the lowest price is their only concern. Why? How many times do you open the front door? How many times do you open the garage door? There is no question that the garage door is used thirty times to one over the front door. It’s important to make the right choice in your garage door. Take the time to look me up before you make the decision.

I supply the best door and the best opener for the best price.